Our server based software gains access to the system that is fully scalable, therefore you do not need to make another investment as your business grows.  CATI CAWI CAPI Software demo request
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    Security, Scalability and Availability of CATI, CAWI, CAPI

    IdWeb assures you a worthy investment as we guarantee high level data security and conformity with regulatory standards. Our server based software gains access to a system which is fully scalable, thus eliminating the need to further investments as your business grows.

    We put a single platform at disposal guaranteeing an extensive range of security measures protecting the survey creation, data collection, analysis and report processing.
    Our solutions are secure and reliable as our Web Farm provider continually performs a range of assessments. By investing in IdWeb you are have peace of mind as we guarantee a high quality and secure product.

    • Protection

      The collected data gathered from your respondents is protected with password functionality and (if required) with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Our software features a security tool (Users and Authorizations) which permits the setting of strict access protocols, project level authorization and password functionalities. In this way the author of the survey (administrator) can restrict access and data availability to other users, meaning your software is highly protected and secure.
    • Secure Data Export

      IdMonitor supports encrypted file transfer (PGP encryption) which is necessary for secure data and report exportation, respondent uploading and other data transfers with third party databases. FTP is also supported. IdWeb also provides a Script Checker to prevent potentially malicious codes and, if you operate very strict server environments, you can HTML-encode all textual elements. To avoid your e-mails being listed as spam our software is equipped with a Mail Authentication security layer.
    • Scalability

      IdWeb mainly works with small to large businesses, Public Institutes, Call Centers and Research Institutes. IdMonitorV4 software suite highly scalable, meeting your requirements as your business grows.
      • Microsoft SQL Database
      • Complete stateless design
      • Caching in ASP.NET
      By investing in IdWeb your requirements will always be met as your business grows!