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    Double the productivity of your call center with predictive dialer.

    The predictive dialer tool automatically dials the telephone numbers of the contact list in IdMonitorís database. The predictive dialer tool can be integrated in IdMonitor's CATI module.

    With predictive dialing you minimize the time operators/interviewers spend waiting between outbound calls and it simultaneously minimizes the risk that, once the call is answered, there isnít a free interviewer/operator to start the conversation.
    Available for all kind of licenses, OnSite, OnDemand e OnFarm.

    • Main features of predictive dialing

      • Real-time monitoring of free operators/interviewers (The predictive dialer considers this value and makes automatically the necessary calls)
      • Real-time monitoring of calls that are in progress (The predictive dialer considers this parametric value to minimize the risk of not having any operators/ interviewers available)
      • Setting of the amount of available telephone lines per agent (ex: for 20 operators / interviewers and 30 telephone lines, the amount of available telephone lines used by the predictive dialer for each operator could be set on 1,5)
      • Setting of the general amount of engageable telephone lines (ex: whenever you dispose over 30 telephone lines you could impose/force the predictive dialer to use only 25 telephone lines)
      • Sending out of a message while waiting for an available operator/interviewer (the amount of seconds of delay is parametric)
      • Automation of CATI results (the lines that are "engaged/ busy", the "no replies" and "nonexistent numbers" are automatically handled by the predictive dialer)