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    Mixed mode surveys (FUSION)

    This method consists of a combination of the CATI, CAWI and CAPI applications.

    IdMonitorV4 is the perfect solution for Computer Assisted Interviewing as you dispose of a single platform for multimode surveys: CATI, CAWI, CAPI or Fusion.
    Fusion consists of a mixed mode between for example CATI and CAWI. With Fusion you could start an interview via CATI and end it via CAWI. This application mode combines the integration of Telephone and Web interviewing in one system. It lets you conduct your interviews and studies as you prefer.

    With IdMonitorV4 you make a worthy investment as you dispose of all three applications in one system for this reason you donít need to incur extra costs and invest in other software or hardware whenever your business grows. You only create your survey once an enable it either for CATI CAWI, CAPI or Fusion (depending on your license purchase).

    This method provides the option to recruit respondents by phone and then give them the choice of being interviewed by phone or online. For respondents who choose to be interviewed online, with Fusion you can automatically send an E-mail containing an invitation, a reminder and thank you messages. Fusion also coordinates online interviews that respondents fail to complete. The system will alert the telephone interviewers so that the survey can be completed by phone.

    With IdMonitorV4 you can conduct fully integrated Web/CATI surveys. A single survey questionnaire works across both interviewing modes. A single sample database automatically coordinates the respondent's participation. Single data set makes analysis hassle-free.