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    Programming questionnaires

    IdMonitor lets you create and conduct surveys of any complexity. Our single administration panel gives you several opportunities to quickly create professional questionnaires.

    IdMonitor lets you create and conduct surveys of any complexity. Our single administration panel gives you several opportunities to quickly create professional questionnaires.

    To carry your projects successfully you don’t want to loose more time than necessary, for this reason IdMonitor lets you create questionnaires in Wizard text code by using the appropriate mask.

    Programming knowledge isn’t necessary required as the system is simple to use. For those who aren’t familiar with Wizard text code you can simply insert the questionnaire manually as our system is intuitive and user friendly. Every section in IdMonitor is featured with question marks that guide you during programming. Especially for those companies that conduct few surveys a year or don’t dispose over programmers, we offer you the possibility to let us program questionnaires for you. In this case we ask the customer to send us the questionnaire and after examination we provide you with pricing and the slot within we can program them for you.

    IdMonitor archives every created survey in its database, therefore in case you’d like to use questions and answers from other surveys you simply consult the archive and upload them onto a new survey.

    • Question types

      • Single select questions;
      • Multiple response questions;
      • Open ended text questions: bound to accept certain values such as: numerical range, range of dates and text and regular expressions (e.g. check that the value entered is a mail);
      • Assisted answer questions featured by a drop down or predictive writing (full text search).
      Every type of question can be visualized singly or can be grouped on the same page, either sequentially or in a grid.

    • Display and Skip conditions

      IdMonitor lets you create questionnaires as complex as you like. You can set display conditions for every single question or answer. Whenever a display condition is set onto a question, IdMonitor will show this question only if "the condition" is true.
      You can also set skip conditions for every single answer option. Therefore based on the answer given to previous questions the next question will appear based on this information. Thus it’s possible that some questions are skipped either backwards or forward.

      (ex: if "condition1" go to question21, if "condition2" go to question22,question24, else go to question23).

      Conditions can be as complex as you like. You could create for example conditions based on previous responses, combinations of responses, arithmetical calculations, etc. It's also possible to create conditions based on contact fields that have been loaded previously onto the sample database.
      IdMonitor runs also controls that check the conditions that have been set throughout the interview, ensuring data integrity. The tool "Condition control" spots skip or display conditions that are written incorrectly. It also checks if there’re any errors regarding syntax or consistency.
    • Advanced filters

      IdMonitor provides you with advanced filtering.
      • Display a question only if a certain quota is open (or closed).
      • Display a question only if an open-ended question contains specific words.
      • Display a question only if  in a previous question (multiple choice) has been selected a number of responses <,>, or = n.
      • Display a question only if you answered “option x” to “n or more” numbers of questions.
      • Display a question only if you answered “option x” to “n or more” numbers of questions.
    • Randomization and rotation of questions and answers

      You can easily randomize the answer or question order. By creating "randomization groups" you can independently randomize blocks of questions and answers. It’s also possible to set rotations.
    • Full interaction with sample database during interviewing

      You can transfer information from the sample database to the questionnaire to insert for example the personal data of the respondent's to the interview (these data could be used also for setting conditions and skip rules), or vice versa (from the questionnaire to the sample database) in case to update the sample records based on information gathered during the interview.
    • Multi- media rich questionnaires

      To make your questionnaires more attractive to your customers/interviewees you have full control over the survey layout. Make your questionnaire as attractive and efficient as you like by simply inserting, for example, Javascripts.
      IdMonitor lets you create rich content questionnaires, you can insert audio files, videos, Images, Logos etc. by simply using the appropriate editors.
      Furthermore we put at disposal several templates for your questionnaires. These templates are customizable base don your specific requirements.