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    Survey statistics and analysis

    IdMonitor generates detailed information and statistics about the progress of your surveys and studies in real- time. The Statistics area provides you with general information such as: the number of completed interviews, drop rate, average interview duration, rate of no replies, number of contacts etc. For more detailed information IdMonitor lets you create cross referenced statistics among questions and variables providing you with their parameters.

    To have an overall idea of how your survey or study is going you dispose of “Survey activity” and “Operators/Interviewers activity” that consist of a special functionalities which allow to examine a specific period of time supplying you with the “Statistics per attempts”, “Statistics per contacts”and “Productivity parameters”. These supply you with information regarding: drop rates, e-mails, number of calls, quotas, number of completed interviews etc. But also with information regarding working hours per interviewer, maximum/ minimum and average duration of interviews etc.

    IdMonitor automatically processes data in real-time and lets you carry out monovariable or bivariable data analysis. For more specific analysis IdMonitor is compatible with SPSS, Access and other programs for statistical analysis. This section in customizable to meet your requirements.

    • Your survey is always SPSS-ready

      IdMonitor features an additional tool that allows the administrator of the system to automatically create the script file for the labeling of the SPSS matrix. Once the file has been created, it is possible to copy its content onto the SPSS script manager, and run it. SPSS will generate a database with the labels of variables and values.