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    VOIP integration

    IdWeb offers also VoIP (Voice over IP telecommunication) telephone switchboards. Voice over IP telecommunication is a technology that allows the merging of your company’s telephone network to your data network. Our switchboards (IdTalk) are highly advanced as they go beyond the simple possibility of using the Internet for free telephone calls.

    Our VoIP telecommunication solutions are characterized by a central “VoIP IdWeb Server” which represents the driving force of this solution. IdTalk switchboards are highly compatible and can connect any kind of IP terminal such as:

    • classic telephones with or without converter;
    • known or less known VoIP switchboards (Snom, Grandstream or any other compatible telephone VoIP);
    • client’s VoIP software and any kind of headsets to equip PC stations hands free.

    Beyond the standard functionalities of the traditional VoIP telephone switchboard, that are necessary to satisfy large and small businesses’ needs, our server based solution features advanced functionalities which make it possible to create complex applications.

    • Advantages VoIP Talk

      The integration between telephony and data, thanks to the "IP station", supplies the operator/interviewer with additional services and advantages. The benefits are multiple:
      • expandable (no need to substitute the hardware when updating or amending options);
      • efficient and economic;
      • less infrastructure costs (where an IP network is available there is no need for another type of network);
      • new and advanced functionalities;
      • advanced technological solutions outshine other competitors;
      • capability to satisfy costumers needs;
      • flexible and rapid solution.
    • Integration of Software

      Powerful functions and tools. It is possible to integrate the telephony VoIP with software like IdMonitorV4, with CRM applications or call center applications. Call centers in particular benefit from a single solution which includes switchboard, CATI and CRM software. This permits you to save money and avoid high costs such as those for other CTI solutions. IdTalk is also appropriate for more developed call centers and more advanced CRM solutions:
      • Ring groups management;
      • ACD;
      • Predictive dialing;
      • Automatic publicity and advertising;
      • Automatic dialing.
    • All inclusive

      IdWeb offers: consultancy, installation service, configuration of client’s software service and training. It also promotes the "VoIP technological culture" to its customers as they can benefit economically thanks to its functional and effective capabilities.