IdWeb is a company led by a professional team with vast experience in the ICT sector
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    IdWeb is a company specialized in quantitative research solutions. With more than 10 years of experience.

    Our company is led by a professional team with vast experience in the ICT sector providing marketing and statistics advisory services. Multi-functional skills, technical abilities to cope with every kind of problem and specific knowledge represent our strengths and assure a fast and steady development of the company by always measuring up to the highest standards.

    IdWeb currently works with mainly Universities, Research Institutes, Public Administrations, as well as small to medium enterprises. Our goal is to assist our customers by guiding them step by step through the innovative technology process in order to generate competence and understanding in their management system.

    IdWeb produces high quality standard software products which are developed by using the best and state-of-the art technologies mainly based on Microsoft® platforms. Products and services are customizable according to the customers specific requirements.
    We offer training, programming, ICT infrastructure construction (intranet, client/server architecture, server-based telephone exchanges directly connected to IdMonitor platforms, VoIP technology), consultancy and Assistance. The company provides customers with a complete service that includes analysis, planning, construction, promotion and after Sales Assistance.
    IdWeb is equipped with a “Set-up and Assistance” department: every single system analyst is personally assigned to each customer and assist them personally in order to meet their specific requirements. In this way we aim to ensure customer satisfaction.
    Our customer-oriented "Research and Development" department, takes into account all suggestions made by the customer and attempts to accurately meet the specific needs of the customer by taking into account personalizations and customized developments and improvements.

    The company provides full assistance during the training period of “IdMonitorV4” like this your gets acquainted with our software suite, normally this takes two days. Once our software has been installed and configured, IdWeb will guide you during the initial training period. Appointments will be arranged upon agreement (generally within one or two working days). Furthermore, we are always available and willing to support you throughout training sessions over the telephone or in person for any kind of question that may arise. Nevertheless, we can assure you that up until now, upon installation and after the training period (also when replacing another CATI software), all of our customers have been highly satisfied with our service.