Leading a more rapid interview, Easy fill in of the questionnaires, Easy survey management, Survey sharing between all modules (cati/cawi/capi), No installation required client side, Scalable with a growing amount of work, Multimedia incorporated in the survey  CATI CAWI CAPI Software All in one Server based, Automatic dialing,Dynamic quota, Automatic call back, Reports in real-time, E-mail template during interview, Spare sample management  CATI CAWI CAPI Software demo request
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    Our professional solutions for Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI)

    CATI software

    IdMonitorV4 - Computer Assisted Telephone Interview software CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) is the most popular way to lead an interview. IdMonitor V4 is a simple and reliable software compatible with the main softwares that process data and integrates with every survey mode like Cawi and Capi.

    CAWI software

    IdMonitorV4 - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing software CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) is an IDC (Internet Data Collection) method that permits conducting surveys via WEB. Nowadays Web interviewing has become more popular while this method is low cost and convenient.

    CAPI software

    IdMonitorV4 - Computer Assisted Personal Interview software CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) consists of personal interviewing and lets you collect data on the spot. Fieldworkers are provided with portable devices (Pda, iPhone, iPad, Pc’s, Netbooks etc.).

    CAPI Wireless

    IdMonitorV4 - CAPI Wireless Distribute your interviews, samples and collected data easily to multiple remote devices like PCs or PDAs. CAPI Wireless software allows you to operate over the Internet with wireline or wireless devices.

    IdMonitorV4: the perfect solution for Professional Market Research.

    Server based software suite for CATI, CAWI, CAPI IdMonitorV4 is a professional server based software suite for market and marketing research, featuring a single platform for every survey mode: CATI (telephone), CAWI (web), CAPI (face-to-face), or a combination of these (Fusion). Our software lets you manage and conduct your interviews easily as the system is 100% web based and user friendly.

    No installation required client side. You simply connect to a browser (even from a remote location) and start interviewing. Because the software is web based, you can carry out the same project also from different locations (or countries) saving time and money.

    All survey modes are perfectly compatible with each other and it is possible to switch between them at any time, without losing data and obtaining equal results. The multi- mode platform provides a single administration panel. From here it‘s possible to create, program and manage your surveys and studies.
    Administrators can manage multiple projects, including quotas, samples, and questionnaire changes by using simple tools. No previous programming knowledge is necessarily required, as our system is intuitive and featured with engaging tools.

    IdMonitorV4 software suite is the perfect solution for professional research projects and studies. In fact it’s mainly used by Research Institutes,Universities, Public Administrations and Call Centers.
    Other than being reliable and simple to use, the system is perfectly compatible with the main softwares that process data such as SPSS. The software is based on: .NET (Microsoft®) and Database SQL Server (Microsoft®). It’s a STANDARD INTERNET which works independently via Intranet, Internet or both, thus there’s no need to buy a Server with its relative services.
    Besides all technological innovations of Microsoft® Windows Server and .NET Framework, our servers include Microsoft® SQL Server database in order to guarantee high performance and reliability. Together with various high quality service packages, our servers guarantee the ideal infrastructure to operate also OnDemand.

    Our software suite is entirely developed by IdWeb and provides its customers with an effective and high quality solution to make business more successful.
    Innovation and high quality is our core business. We constantly innovate and improve our software in order to meet our customers requirements by offering the necessary assistance and the right service at the right time. The software will fit around your needs thanks to the fact that idMonitorV4 is completely developed by IdWeb.

    To handle complex problems all you need are simple tools!

    Would you like this software as a service? Take a look at our OnDemand services.