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    CATI, CAWI, CAPI OnFarm hosting and housing

    Available for all types of licenses. Our OnFarm service lets you host and house your data on one of our servers.

    If you don't have a network infrastructure suitable to host a server base or do not want to incur costs for maintenance of its systems, IdWeb can offer all the necessary (server, software, internet band) and takes care of the physical and logistical maintenance of the system.

    Our company owns many servers at a Web Farm. We offer you the possibility to host and house your Bought or Rent license here. The service also includes automatic backup. For every CATI or CAPI hosted license we charge a fixed rate.

    All standard requirements are met: firewall systems, SSL certificates (available on request), access control and certified safety measures, monitoring and supervision systems.

    • Why OnFarm

      Several years ago many companies used a single web server with a single IP line to perform their surveys hosting the web surveys in-house. Later on they found out that, as it is impossible to control volumes and as the Internet is accessible 24 hours per day, a more robust system environment would be essential. This however is costly as multiple servers are needed for fault tolerance and load balancing. Problems related to UPS, full data security and IT sources have been solved by web hosting services. IdWeb provides server hosting on our Web Farm guaranteeing: secure download of the survey questionnaire to the server hosted at our Web Farm; storage of your collected data on the ftp site which guarantees availability of the data to the customer as it can be uploaded to an IT system. This service is available against a monthly fee.
    • OnFarm Benefits

      With our OnFarm solution we take care of everything for you and assure you data integrity and maximum security. We simply carry out the necessary configurations and you are ready to start. Furthermore we guarantee maximum assistance and support.
    • High Level Reliability

      Our experts ensure the functionality of the system 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The hardware contains an inverter with a battery to guard against power failure, a double supply line with back-up battery, 24 hours per day monitoring and guarantees ultimate reliability.