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    CATI, CAWI, CAPI Software As A Service (s.a.a.s.)

    IdMonitor OnDemand (SAAS – Software as a Service) doesn't require any installation.

    Our OnDemand service is very flexible and scalable while you define the amount of licenses and the period of usage based of your work amount and specific needs. With IdMonitor OnDemand you pay a monthly fee per connected client and store your data on one of our servers located on our Server Farm. This service is especially interesting for those company’s who want to avoid hardware (server, assistance etc.) and software (antivirus, firewall etc.) costs. It’s also convenient for those companies who lead occasional interviews or those who don't want to invest in initial start-up costs.

    Thanks to the Web, the increase in the broadband network and technical developments, it is no longer necessary to install the software on your own server. With IdMonitor OnDemand there is no need to maintain or buy machinery and software as we provide with you with the right service. For this reason IdMonitor OnDemand is the perfect solution for all problems related to traditional software. IdMonitor represents an innovative approach for supplying product ranges for small to medium businesses that may not have at their disposal the necessary economic resources to finance the purchase, maintenance and set-up costs.

    On-Demand Cost Policies

    CATI -CAPI On-Demand CAWI - On-Demand
    For every single license we charge a monthly fee per connected client.
    This is a flexible service: the number of licenses required can change monthly, based on the client’s requirements;
    Pricing is based on every completed interview, therefore we invoice based on the total of completed interviews per month. We also supply interview packages at an agreed price, to use within one (1) year from the date of purchase.
    In case your amount of work grows we offer also temporary licenses.