Cooperating with IdWeb is an exciting opportunity for international partners
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    Become our Partner

    After 10 years of successful business on the Italian market and acquiring a list of significant customers, we recently started selling our software suite IdMonitorV4 on the international market. Therefore we are looking for potential partners able to resell our product, as we think that satisfying international customers can be pursued more effectively through local presence.

    • Partner program

      In order to reach our goal we provide an “independent software vendor program” for driving big business opportunities towards our partners. We offer a unique program for those who want to integrate with, embed or resell our products.

      We provide a route for our partners to be recognized for and build upon their expertise on the surveys market.

      Cooperating with IdWeb is an exciting opportunity for international partners because, thanks to the many benefits derived there from, we provide you the ability to operate in a continually growing market on favorable terms. The “partner approach" represents for IdWeb the knowledge that the perfect satisfaction of the needs of international customers can be pursued more effectively through a local presence, or directly in the country (or geographical area) where the end – users’ are located.

      IdWeb offers truly competitive and innovative software solutions that merged with the expertise of potential partners could create a perfect synergy and enable the development of markets.

      These are some of the benefits you receive working with us:
      • Gain relevant international information and consolidated experience;
      • Quick enlargement and growth of your business, based on proven and reliable software products;
      • You offer your customers new products and services in high demand;
      • Increase your credibility, by working with an alongside an experienced team that has important references;
      • Use the portfolio and testimonials of our customers as if your end;
      • Gain free new contacts thanks to our international marketing promotion program.

      As our partner, your company gains exclusive access to resources that will drive both license and service business, create new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals more quickly. Our partner program provides your company with the tools you need to stand out to customers and gain a long-term competitive advantage in your practice.