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    CAPI Wireless

    Distribute your interviews, samples and collected data easily to multiple remote devices like PCs or PDAs.

    Administration issues (like scheduling and tracking distribution via e-mail, ftp etc.), survey modification problems and previous difficulty of having instant access to the data and production statistics during interviewing have been solved thanks to CAPI Wireless.

    CAPI Wireless software allows you to operate over the Internet with wireline or wireless devices as well as with a Personal Web Server for off-line CAPI. Nowadays laptop computers and palm-top devices are enabled virtual access to the Internet therefore giving centralized control over the survey and sample data. By simply connecting to the central server field operators can conduct the chosen survey and all data will be stored on the central server. This has resulted in fieldwork management, reporting and data analysis becoming much more efficient and reliable.

    You perform face-to-face interviews with a mobile device and then save all collected data immediately onto the company’s server when the operator is in a wireless area. Features:

    • wireless CAPI permits you to work directly onto the company’s server from a wireless location;

    Mobile devices with Internet access have made it easier for fieldworkers to organize and schedule interviews as they can take advantage of functions such as:

    • mapping software;
    • e-mail;

    The benefits of this is that it is easier to organize and carry out surveys whilst also saving time.