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    CAPI software module for face-to-face interviewing

    CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) consists of personal interviewing and lets you collect data on the spot. Fieldworkers are provided with portable devices (Pda, Iphone, Ipad, Pc’s, Netbook etc.). The system runs on the interviewer’s mobile system, once the interviewer is connected to internet he/she will be synchronized with the central database. Throughout the interview every single question is shown on the display of the fieldworker and answers are entered and stored. There are no limitations to questionnaire length, question text and answer codes. Answers and questions are regulated by filters and consistency controls.

    • Compatible with notebook, netbook, tablet PC, PDA, smartphone

      The CAPI module is compatible with hand-held devices and has been developed to work with small screen remote devices.The graphical interface is therefore simple but all functions useful for data collection are still available.
    • Data processing

      Data are entered together with general information regarding average interview duration, no replies etc. With IdMonitor you collect your data and process afterwards. With one click you simply export the results to your server/database or to SPSS formats and start analyzing.
    • Iphone & Ipad

      IdMonitor is perfectly compatible with Iphone and Ipad and soon we will be ready to release it also for Android.
    • Complete control over questionnaire

      There aren’t any limitations to questionnaire length, filters and conditions. You can make your questionnaire as complex as you like. You dispose of different functionalities such as: Dynamic question and answers texts; Rotations and Randomizations of questions and answers; Data validation and Consistency checks.
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