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    CATI software module for telephone interviewing

    CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) is the most popular way to lead an interview. IdMonitor is a simple and reliable software compatible with the main softwares that process data and integrates with every survey mode like Cawi and Capi.

    • Adaptable and practical

      The system is customizable in order to meet our customers’ requirements and can be used from different locations without the need to install it on every site/location; thus creating the possibility to work simultaneously on the same survey project. You have a single administration panel at disposal from where you can manage and handle all stages of your projects and studies. As the software is server based and as it supports multiple browsers, interviewers/fieldworkers access the system also from remote locations such as from home without data loss or software functionalities.
    • Simple and modern interface

      The interviewer’s interface is simple and modern and therefore easy to use, permitting a rapid performance of the survey. The interviewer controls and handles: the details of the current contact as he/she can consult all information available in the database; the call history of the contact; the list of appointments made and quotas. The operator/interviewer can always correct previous given answers to previous questions and can even change the logical path of the interview.
    • Real-time monitoring

      IdMonitor provides you with different kind of reports in real-time such as:
      • General information Reports that give you a global overview of the survey supplying you for example: the number of completed interviews, of refusals, busy lines, no replies etc.
      • Interviewers activity Reports supply you information regarding about the activities of every single interviewer like: the number of completed interviews, refusals, busy lines, no replies etc.
      • Productivity Reports provide you information about every single interviewer concerning: the maximum and minimum interview duration or average duration per interview etc.
      • Real time statistics on projects and interviewers status.
      It is possible to create reports by simply connecting to a browser even from remote locations.
    • Quota reporting

      The number of quotas is unlimited and based on a virtual unlimited number of parameters. Quotas can be created based on pre-existing information or on the questions from the interview. You dispose of Real Time count by quota cells of the number of completed interviews. You dispose of complete and centralized quota management ensuring you that interviewing quotas are easily and correctly managed. The data is synchronized and the quotas are updated in real time. If the quotas are entirely set to the parameters of the sample, it is possible to display the total number of contacts subdividing them per quota such as: those who are still available, those who have a pending appointment, those who refused to participate, those who are unreachable etc.
    • Advanced Sample management

      Sample management is controlled centrally and allows to assign samples to specific operators/ interviewers based on database fields. With IdMonitor you upload main samples and spare samples. Spare samples are used in case a contact of the main sample doesn't participate to the survey, therefore the system will automatically replaced this contact with a spare contact that has the same characteristics as the first available spare sample.
    • Screen formatting

      You have the possibility to use CSS Style sheets to control the operators'/interviewers' interface.
    • Call-back management

      With IdMonitor you dispose of time slot management, powerful calling and call-back rules and you have complete control over call-back priorities. You can set a maximum number of attempts per contact. In the case of “no reply”, “busy line” or “cut-off call”, redialing is automatically fixed by the system based on a pre-selected amount of time. The software provides the operators/interviewers with an advanced appointment management system allowing the interviewer to arrange “reserved” appointments (reserved only to one specific operator/interviewer) or “free” appointments (which will be suggested to the first free operator/interviewer). Administrators or supervisors can reassign appointments to other operators.
    • E-mail delivery

      Interviewers can send out e-mails to contacts at the beginning of or during an interview. The body of the e-mail can be composed previously by an administrator and could be personalized based on the contact data present in the sample database. For example: the e-mail could either contain the necessary information in order to continue the survey via CAWI or to forward documentation. Also in this case you dispose of time slot management.
    • Predictive dialing

      The predictive dialer tool minimizes the time operators/interviewers spend waiting between outbound calls and it simultaneously minimizes the risk that, once the call is answered, there isn’t a free interviewer/operator to start the conversation.
      Available for all kind of licenses, OnSite, OnDemand e OnFarm.
    • VoIP service integration

      This service features simple and intuitive functions. Our CATI module is perfectly integrated with VOIP (Voice over Ip ) service. VOIP service makes one of the most important resources of business efficient: the telephone network. With VOIP you benefit from: flexibility, scalability, potential growth and limited costs. The system can also be integrated with a large number of telephone switchboards whether they are hardware or software.

      IdWeb provides also switchboards (IdTalk) that are highly advanced as they go beyond the simple possibility of using the Internet for free telephone calls. Our VoIP telecommunication solutions are characterized by a central VoIP IdWeb server which represents the driving force of this solution. Automatic dialing service is available on request for any equipment that supports this function.