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    CAWI software module for web interviewing

    CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)is an IDC (Internet Data Collection) method that permits conducting surveys via WEB. Nowadays Web interviewing has become more popular while this method is low cost and convenient.

    Conducting surveys via Web has become one of the fastest methodologies for collecting data. IdMonitor’s CAWI module is powerful to develop a survey using few human resources (in theory only one person is needed to carry out a big project: the administrator).

    • Customizable layout

      You have complete control over the layout of your web survey. You quickly create interactive and multi –media surveys. IdMonitor lets you make your questionnaire more attractive to your audience by putting at disposal text editors to enrich questions and answers with video’s, images, audio files etc. You have full control over fonts, fonts sizes, backgrounds, colors etc. You simply create professional layouts by choosing between all kinds of templates. This section is completely customizable at request we can make the necessary adjustments that satisfy the layout of your web site, logo, brand, etc.
    • Path control

      With IdMonitor you have complete path control. You can authorize or limit access to the list of previous questions, avoiding like this corrections. If the list “previous questions” is visible the interviewee can (when necessary) return to a previous question, correct it and continue the interview and even change its logical path.
    • Access modes

      The interviewee has access to the survey questionnaire in different ways:
      • login via Username and Password; an e-mail will be send to the contact containing a link, Password and Username that allow to start the survey
      • direct link; the contact will receive a link which contains the ID of the contact. Access will be immediate and automatically authenticated.
      • non-authenticated Cawi (anonymous); it is possible to have access to the survey without any authentication. In this case there is no connection between the interview and interviewee (normally this is used for surveys that are carried out via websites).
    • Quota control

      You can create an unlimited number of quotas based on a virtual unlimited number of parameters. Quotas can be based on pre-existing information or questions in the interview. You can establish the maximum number of respondents subdividing them per quota (especially useful in case of an incentive to motivate the respondents). Those contacts that exceed the quota will receive a message (customizable) and cannot fill in the questionnaire.