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    Why IdMonitor for computer assisted interviewing

    IdMonitor is a professional and high quality software suite for market research. IdMonitor is perfect for market and social research and is mainly used by Universities, Public Institutions and Research Institutes.

    We offer you:

    • Consultancy

      We help you choose the right hardware, Servers, Client, Networks, Accessories etc. that are essential for successful market or marketing research. Usually we suggest Hardware HP to ensure reliability and continuity of the service.
    • Staff training

      Our greatest power is our experience and professionalism which we would like to share with the experience and professionalism of our customers. We believe that this is mutually beneficial and the best way to guarantee a worthy investment. For this reason we provide our customers with personalized start-up plans and staff training covering the fundamentals of the software that are related to your specific needs. Like this we cover product functionalities and practice techniques allowing you to manage your studies and projects independently.
    • Sampling

      Our partnership with important research Institutes and Universities allows us to offer to our client’s staff the assistance of researchers who are able to help them with different kind of activities/ operations such as: locating research goals, sample drawing, structuring of questionnaires, editing sampling plans, data processing and defining quotas.
    • Programming questionnaires

      We offer assistance during programming of your questionnaires. Once the questionnaire and parameters (filters, quotes and so on) have been created/defined we will examine them and help you program. We will guide you step by step through programming, either on-site or online.
    • Software test and start-up

      After set- up, configuration, personalization (where required), creation and structuring of the survey, we will proceed together by testing and starting-up IdMonitor.
    • After-sale assistance

      We offer efficient on-line or telephone assistance, guaranteeing that our customers can continue their work should any question or problem arise. We offer two types of assistance:
      • System administration: we provide a qualified and experienced staff that offer support for problems related to the use of the hardware and the software.
      • Statistic: our qualified and experienced staff guarantee statistical and analysis skills for solving problems related to tracing new researches and all issues related (sampling, filters, quotas etc.).

    IdMonitor consists of a truly competitive and innovative software solution that merged with the expertise of its highly skilled team assures a worthy investment.