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    Our CAI technology for all possible survey scenarios

    • CATI OnSite:

      Telephone operators connected to the company's server via Internet suitable for:
      • call centers;
      • universities;
      • research institutes;
      The telephone operators are connected to the company's server via LAN or WAN simply by a browser. All collected data will be saved onto this server.
    • CAPI:

      Face-to-face interviews with CAPI software The interviews are performed face-to-face. In this case the interviewers are not connected to the company's server but perform the interview from a mobile location using remote devices like a smart phone, notebook etc. Once the operator has finished collecting the information and returns to the office he/she can transfer and save the data onto the company’s server.

      • gives the possibility to work from remote locations;
      • simple interface suitable for small screen devices like those of smart phones;
    • Wireless CAPI:

      Wireless Face-to-face interviews with CAPI software In this case it is also possible to perform face- to- face interviews with a mobile device and then save all collected data immediately onto the company’s server when the operator is in a wireless area.

      • wireless CAPI permits you to work directly onto the company’s server from a wireless location;
    • CAWI OnSite:

      Collected data are saved onto the company’s server All interviews are performed via WEB and the collected data is saved to the company’s server.

      • no personnel required, supervisors alone can manage the survey project;
    • CATI OnDemand:

      Collected data are saved on the company’s server Suitable for:
      • universities without the required level of infrastructure;
      • small call centers;
      This option is useful for small company’s/call centers or Universities that do not have the necessary infrastructure at their disposal to conduct interviews via CATI or perform occasionally interviews. The operators could also work from home as they have the possibility to connect to the company’s server which is located at our Webfarm. All collected data will be stored here.

      • allows staff to work from mobile locations;
      • data is stored to the server located at our Webfarm;