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    IdMonitor Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there any software requirements for using IdMonitor OnSite on my local network?

      There is no need to install the software on the operator’s PC (client site), the software can be accessed by any kind of operative system. The only requirement is a web browser compatible with Internet Explorer (6.0 or newer), Firefox (2.0 or newer) or Safari. The server must also have Microsoft® Windows Server 2000 (or newer), IIS and Microsoft® SQL 2000 (or newer version).
    • My Network has a LAN switchboard. With IdMonitor is it possible to automate phone calls by adding a link to the CATI contacts?

      Usually, this is always possible with any kind of switchboard. However, if in doubt, please call our technical assistance department, providing them with the brand and model of the switchboard and they will be able to clarify this.
    • Is it possible to assign an automatic dialing task to the switchboard?

      YES this is possible through the switchboard software merchandised by IdWeb. For other types of switchboard it is necessary to carry out an appropriate check.
    • Which hand-held devices can be used to perform CAPI interviews?

      Every Notebook and Netbook can be used if it has Internet Explorer (6.0 or newer version) or Firefox (2.0 or newer) web browsers. Every PDA/smart phone can be used if they feature Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer version.
    • Can an incomplete questionnaire (filled in via CAWI) be automatically resumed and completed by a telephone operator?

      Yes this is possible via Fusion. If you have both CATI and CAWI modules it is possible to start with the telephone method and end with the internet method (and vice versa). It also works this way for CAPI modules.
    • My questionnaire has to contain different questions according to the gender of the interviewee. Can I do this with IdMonitor?

      It is possible to set filters both for questions and answers which influence the questionnaire. The dynamic of the survey can vary according to the data collected.
    • My questionnaire has to carry out equally different questions to reach three different targets, but my contact list does not identify the target required. Can IdMonitor help me?

      One of the first questions should be aimed to identify the target. The function “Quota management” will warn the operator in case he reaches the maximum quota and if necessary block new interviews.
    • My contact list contains not only personal data but also other kinds of data that must be confirmed and recaptured during the interview. Is this possible with IdMonitor?

      First of all, the contact list can be configured as necessary; furthermore, all data present in the contact list can be used and recaptured for every question or answer of the survey but can also be used to operate filters in dynamic surveys.