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    Technical assistance and services

    • Technical Assistance:

      • remote installation of software and server configuration;
      • technical assistance and post-installation training;
      • on- site assistance available on request. We always send two technicians, one for installation and the other for translation (English, Dutch , French and German).
    • Survey Assistance and Services:

      • Interview programming (optional)
        To outsource this function, IdWeb offers assistance for programming questionnaires. For this service we will provide you with a quote established after examining the questionnaire. This Service is available for any type of license.
      • Other possible on call services concerning the start–up of the survey
        We also provide support for: import of contact lists, import quotas, export data, etc. Pricing is calculated per hour.
    • Automatic software update

      • Against an annual maintenance fee, IdWeb provides you with updates, the latest innovative products and new tools. Therefore by investing in IdWeb all of your products are always up to date.